I have a wonderful nephew who grows a marvellous veggie patch. As a result, his allotment abounds with amazing fresh produce (unlike anything we try and grow). Two weeks ago, we were fortunate to be the recipients of some delicious rhubarb, and Fionn conjured up a gluten free rhubarb crumble.

Just like that, there it was, once cooked, it could only be described as utterly delicious.

The crumble needed to be gluten free, as one of them was being sent as a gift to a family member who suffers with coeliac disease. We knew we wanted to create a desert which was crispy, crunchy, buttery and it needed oats for added depth, (and goodness)…

Here is the recipe:

To serve 2 – 3

500g Rhubarb trimmed and washed

1 Tablespoon Nielson-Massey Vanilla Essence

4 Tablespoons Demerara Sugar

Chop the Rhubarb and toss it in the vanilla essence and sugar. Place into a greased dish (size approximately 24cm x 18cm x 7cm)


150g chilled Butter

100g Ground Almonds


100g Demerara Sugar

Cube the chilled butter and place in a food processor or Thermomix bowl. Add the ground almonds and oats, and blitz until it resembles coarse breadcrumbs, then stir in the sugar. Pour over the rhubarb and pat in down gently, you don’t want it too squashed down. If you have been over zealous with the patting in, run a fork over the top to ruffle the mixture a bit.

Bake for 20 -25 minutes on 180C, until you see oozing rhubarb juice and melted sugar around the edges, lots of bubbling deliciousness in the middle and a crunchy buttery topping. Serve with double cream, or better still, homemade Vanilla and Crystallised Ginger Ice – Cream.