who and why?

There’s two things we love: (1) We love a challenge and (2) we love food. Back in 2017 we knew we had to do something for our daughter Fionn.

Fionn had severe learning difficulties and struggled through school. We always knew finding a meaningful, fulfilling career for her would be a huge challenge so in 2018 we set about creating one for her. One that would play to her strengths, and that she’d be passionate about. And so Pickadeli became part of our crazy, food-loving, family.

about our gourmet gifts

On the edge of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty lies our 5* rated kitchen. From here we create our gifting boxes from scratch. Baking the bread, preparing the fruit, melting the chocolate…it really is a hive of activity. We believe any food gifting needs to be fresh, appeal to the eyes and of course taste divine. One you’ve browsed our selection and placed your order we will ensure your food arrives fresh, perfectly presented and on time.

As much as we believe that food should change with the seasons, you’ll find some permanent fixtures in our range. Due to popular demand more than anything else our Afternoon Tea, Breakfast Box and Sweet Treats are very much here to stay. After all its always someone’s Birthday! That said you will always find our other creations a tied in with seasonal food, what’s freshest and at its best at any time in the year. And then there’s always the topical gifts – be it Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Christmas etc you can be sure we have this covered as well.

delivering our food

There are 2 main points to remember. (1) We need at least 48hours notice for delivery (2) we don’t deliver on Sundays.

Our food is made from only the freshest – admittedly EVERYONE says this but for us our delivery service bears this out. Our meat and fish, veg and fruit – we like to buy in daily to ensure optimum freshness and quality. Hence if we’ve run out of something we’re not happy to substitute it for an inferior, non-fresh product. By stating 48 hrs this gives us time to ensure all our orders are placed with our lovely suppliers, and that there’s no food wastage.

You can choose your preferred date and time slot when ordering an we will ensure we make this happen for you – we know how critical timings can be in this game!

our guarantee

We take all this terribly personally….should you order not arrive when requested or the food not live up to expectations – we need to know. We will either re-fund you or re-deliver. Simple.

Pull up a chair. Have a taste. Join the journey.


Gourmet Gift Boxes

Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries – we’ve got your back.

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how it works


Have a browse of our options and help yourself to whatever tickles your fancy. Orders will be dispatched next working day (unless by special arrangement).



We’ll get to work in our 5 star rated kitchen to prepare your food fresh to order an ensure its gift wrapped to perfection, including a personalised message.



We’ll deliver on time to your chosen address either on our own transport or our dedicated overnight, tracked courier. All of our larger boxes include packaging and delivery costs.


Soup Boxes


2 Sweet Potato Soups and 2 Sourdough Multi-Seed Baguettes. A beautiful soup full of rich and creamy flavours, with hints of ginger, coriander and chilli.

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meet the team


The Queen-pin, can-carrying visionary who happens to do 80% of the hard graft too. Always looking to try new ideas, new ways to tweak, improve and grow the business. Aside from food it’s all about family, friends. She’s as passionate about helping kids/parents who struggle with disabilities or challenges as she is about food. Its this burning desire to provide help, reward and enjoyment for those who are less able that really drives everything she does.



Currently exceeding all expectations in the kitchen where she daily meets and beats targets set both volume and quality of food produced. If she only cut the times she looked her phone by 50% there’s no knowing much more she could achieve!
Socialising is very much her forte and any excuse for natter is taken, so pls only contact her after hours, once the work is done!



Since creating the name “Pickadeli” from somewhere….and fitting out our kitchen he is now consigned to weekend delivery driver. A lover of the open road he uses this time to dream big about where he sees Pickadeli going in the future…. Away from the food scene he’s a General Manager for nearby specialist Healthcare Clothing company and in any spare time he will most likely be found cross country running somewhere in the Surrey Hills.