frequently asked questions
How do I know what I’m getting?2021-04-06T18:53:02+01:00

All of our pictures are accurate representations of what you’ll receive in our boxes, apart from the sausage rolls- where we put three in a box.

How much is delivery?2021-04-06T18:52:35+01:00

UK Delivery is included in the price.

Do I need to be in to accept delivery?2021-04-06T18:52:10+01:00

Yes, though we will let you know when we’re delivering to make sure you’re around.

How long will the food last?2021-04-06T18:51:47+01:00

All food is best consumed on the day of delivery, but as long as food is kept refrigerated then 3 days.

Is delivery safe?2021-04-06T18:51:20+01:00

We offer contact-free delivery, meaning that we can leave the food on your door step, and stand back 2.5 metres, just to make sure you receive it okay!

What precautions are you taking due to Covid-19?2021-04-06T18:50:41+01:00

Our kitchen is has a 5-star hygiene rating and we want to reassure you that we are following all Government guidelines on Covid-19 to make sure our kitchen is safe. Our health and safety checks have doubled and staff wash their hands every 20 minutes. The virus cannot travel on food and all of us are well informed with the best knowledge and guidance on health and safety precautions.

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